What Is A Mesh Reservoir?

A mesh reservoir is an exceptional value water storage solution, which is constructed using a galvanized mesh. The mesh reservoir offers a wall protector that gives a liner UV and scuff protection.

Our mesh reservoirs are a cost-effective water storage solution, easy to move, erect and correct in desired areas. The mesh reservoirs are manufactured with 4 mm galvanized wire,with 30 mm in height and 75 mm in width.

The mesh reservoirs come with our Diamond 1000 Micron potable liner. To increase the lifespan of a liner, an additional and optional wall protector is advised. This protection board is installed to protect your reservoir liner from UV, wind damage, and puncturing from the outside.


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Used In

  • Fish farms.
  • Construction sites.
  • Movable water storage for road construction.
  • Permanent Water Storage
  • Fish hospital tanks.
  • Back up water during fire fighting.¬†
  • Baptising ponds
  • Rain water collection



  • Can be fitted with a taurpaulin or shadecloth roof
  • 4mm Galvinized mesh
  • 1000 Micron liner
  • Optional wall protector
  • Transportation allows access to remote locations
  • Minimal construction equipment required
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