Portable water storage tanks

PORTATANK® is a South African designed and manufactured, fully portable water storage tank with storage capacity between 2650 – 10 000 litres.  The tank is quick-to-assemble, disassemble and reassemble as needed.

The PORTATANK was developed by Clayton Heyns, who saw the market desperately needed a portable, easy-to-install water storage tank, particularly given the devastating drought suffered in many parts of South Africa.

The PORTATANK offers affordable potable water storage.The design of the PORTATANK enables people in remote areas to easily transport the tanks, compared to Roto moulded tanks.

Waterwise Tanks are proud to be associated with this innovative product and the distributors in KZN and the Western Cape of the PORTATANK®





Portatank Features

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The greatest advantage of this product is that it can be bought off-the-shelf, easily transported in your passenger vehicle and erected within an hour following the simple instructions included with the unit.

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The bladder of the Portatank® is completely sealed, thus preventing any leaves or sediment from destroying the quality of the water contained within. The frame supporting the bladder is made using high quality, fully galvanised wire mesh.

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The high-quality PVC bladder that stores the water has been tested by the Australian Water Quality Centre and is found to have no impact on the quality of the water contained therein.

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Portatank® can be installed in urban and rural areas, and is for home or commercial as well as Agricultural use – Portatank® is for everyone!

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Should you wish to move the Portatank®, once it is emptied of water, simply disassemble it, re-locate it to its new position and re-assemble again.surprised

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It is cost-effective in comparison with other water storage devices and comes with a 5-year sliding-scale warranty.



1500mm(w) X 1500mm(h)



2070mm(w) X 1500mm(h)



2900mm(w) X (1500mm(h)

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